Antonio Hernandez ❂ 2020

Ceremonial Cacao

My heart chose the medicine of the cacao many years ago. For years I´ve learning to cook it and use it in a respectful way to the traditions from Mexico and Guatemala.

I remember one of the Guatemalan elders telling me "You know, when I was a kid there was no depressions or anxiety in Guatemala. There was cacao. If there was a conflict in a family Grandma would sit both sides down with a cup of cacao in front of them so they could open their hearts to solve it". And this is exactly what we do in a cacao ceremony.

It´s a gentle medicine that helps you connect with your deepest emotions. It´s an amazing opportunity to face them and finding the tools to heal your heart and your connections with others around you.

I work only with cacao that i know where it comes from and how it was processed. Mainly it is from Tabasco, Mexico and prepared by people I fully trust and where I´ve have prepared cacao myself: ChanChan.CacaoCafe

Cacao & Inner Child

The cacao is a medicine that goes right to your heart to open it. Guess who goes out to play when you open that door; The kid that we all have inside. Your Inner Child. That´s why I use it in combination with my meditation to connect with that part of ourselves. Our true selves.

When we connect with our child we connect to our essence. We see our truth and what we really came here for. Let´s give us the opportunity of playing like kids

Cacao & Yin Yoga

The Cacao has a strong feminine energy. Just like Yin Yoga. That´s why they work so well together. They complement and reinforce each other. Even when they come from different traditions they are the perfect combination. The Yin Yoga will help the energy of the cacao to flow and the cacao will open the yin meridian.


In this session we will drink the cacao in a ceremonial way and after a short meditation we will start our Yin session. The cacao goes directly to your heart chakra to open it and soften it so in the Yin Yoga time we will follow asanas related to the heart or the liver meridian. The heart for obvious reason and the liver because when balanced represents Kindness. And that´s what the cacao is and makes us feel so it helps balancing this meridian too.


Then we will enjoy our closing meditation and integration resting in Savasana while listening to the drum and the singing that I would channel in that moment to help you and guide you in your journey.

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