​Antonio Hernandez

After a personal crisis in 2012 I began a process of transformation that has taken me around the world and to learn from many people and cultures. While working as a school teacher I started traveling and studying.


I trained as a Yoga teacher in India. I learned to meditate living with the monks of Wat Pa Tam Wua in Thailand. I learned about the connections that can be made between Buddhism and education in Nepal. I navigated into the peruvian Amazon. I melted inside the Native American Sweat Lodge of Erick and his family in Texas. I let my heart choose Cacao and Cacao chose me between Mexico and Guatemala. El corazón del cacao llegó a mi.

Finally in 2018 I got rid of almost everything; car, house, furniture, clothes ... I got rid of the material things I had and even stopped working to dedicate myself fully to my spiritual and personal growth.

I transformed my life with all the blessings and teachings I received and the time has come to share them with the people and places where I go. Always willing to learn more, walking with the humility of the eternal student.

In the menu above you can see the things I can offer. Cacao ceremonies is what my heart feels stronger right now but I also do Yoga and meditations with the help of the sacred cacao. I can do private sessions or groups in organizations or corporations. Normally I work based on donations.

If you'd like to contact me you can do it scrolling down the site or clicking here.

"During my bone marrow transplant process, meditations with Antonio were very helpful, not only to calm my spirit and answer unresolved questions about my life and especially my illness. They made me see and feel what I needed the most, inner peace.

It was a great help in my entire process in the hospital, sending me all the energy I needed. It was an incredible experience and I will never forget, thank you, because you have been an important part of my recovery."

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Manu Torres, Spain

"Antonio is truly gifted.

His heart is full of love and mind full of knowledge and wisdom.

It's such a joy to share yoga space with him and learn and share with him. He not only takes care of his students but also embrace them with his warmth and love.

Thank you, Antonio, for being who you are as it makes this world a better place."

Prianca Sharma, India

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