One-on-One Cacao session

First of all let me tell you something important; I won´t heal you. No one will because only you can. You have that power. What I can do for you is to offer the space and the tools to dive deep inside you, be aware of what your heart needs and explore what to do from there. I can hold your hand while walking that path. I can turn a torch on so you can see better. But you are the only one who can decide which direction to go and when to walk.


Said that, in a private cacao session we can work an specific emotional or spiritual situation or we can just go deep into the relationship with your inner child (the source of everything) and see what she or he has to tell us. Normally we think too much about our problems when it might be better to stop thinking and just listen to our hearts.

I will provide a safe space for you to explore inside and to express any emotion you need to relise. Then we can reflect together about what to do with what you found out in the session. After this first session in person we can have as many more you need on the phone to follow up.

The exchange will be what you can give that is not a burden for you. It doesn´t have to be money. You decide what. I trust you :)