• Antonio Hernández


Yes, I love doing naked yoga. And I´ll tell you why:

Last time I was in India I got injured in a yoga class. The day after my yoga philosophy teacher asked me what happened. I told him "I got injured doing yoga". He laughed and said "no, no, no, maybe you got injured in yoga class but you were not doing yoga". I didn't understand and told him that that was what I just said. He smiled and said "If you do yoga you can´t get injured. You did it because you were trying to show off to yourself or someone else in the class. Yoga is about listening to your body and respecting it´s limits. If you hurt yourself you weren't listening to your body. You have to take off your thoughts and desires like if they were clothes. Go naked to a yoga class because all that matters there it's you and your body". If he knows that I literally do it naked with other men he would be horrified. I just followed his teachings...literally.

Doing yoga with other gay guys for me was a blessing. Our society has sexuallized and denaturalized our bodies to a point that in TV you can see people shooting, blood, fights, war...but you can't see a naked person because is not "appropiate".

In gay naked yoga was the first time I was naked about other guys in a non sexual context. We were all equal. It didn't matter your color, body type or age. It was a space full of acceptance and respect. You can't imagine how healing that can be for many gay guys. And we need soooo much healing in the gay community to love ourselves, our bodies, and take care of each others.

I've seen people breaking into tears saying "I'm 64 and it's the first time I feel accepted and loved by other gay guys while being naked". That's so sad because it shows how many things we have done wrong as a community but it's also amazing to see what we can do for each other so let's focus on that.

Let's help our community :)

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