• Antonio Hernández


This is Yoga. It is not a beautiful pose to the eyes. I’m wearing the most horrible underwear a lover forgot at my place and a black jumper a friend didn’t want anymore and gave me. My knees are bent. My back is not straight. My hair looks like the old crazy single lady with cats but without cats. No. This picture won’t be the cover of “Yoga today” or “Vogue: Yoga edition”. That’s why this is YOGA instead of VOGA.

I’m not doing an impossible pose. I’m doing what my back needs this morning. Cause let me tell you a secret: In YOGA we don’t use our bodies to get to a pose. We use the pose to get to our bodies. However your body is. You don’t need to be flexible, have an specific outfit, get farther than the person on the mat next to you, or breath out like if there was a gas scape. To do yoga all you need is to have a body and honor, respect and listen to it.

Many people tell me “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible”. And I’m a little bit responsible for all this. I’ve done VOGA. I have taken 257 pictures of a pose I could only hold for two seconds in a place where is not physically possible to do yoga but was a nice background for the picture. Sometimes I even used an inspirational quote as an excuse to post it. Most of the times I counted the likes or reactions after. I did all this just to show off.

I’m starting to realise that this doesn’t attract people to YOGA but pushes them away as they think they would never do it like that. I’m sorry if I gave that impression. I’m not sorry for showing off. I like it sometimes and I’m aware of it every time I do it even though I know all I’m looking for is external validation to feel better with myself. I know, so wrong, but I’m not a Buddha. I’m just an Antonio. Not trying to be perfect just conscious of what I do and why.

I’ll try to do more YOGA and less VOGA. You do whatever you need 🙂

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