Yin Yoga

I´ve been a yoga student for many years. I got very deep in my practice when I was living in Austin, Texas, and I started understanding how yoga could help my mind and my body. Specially my back. I suffer from scoliosis and it's normal for me to feel pain in my lower back.

I decided to go deeper and get trained as a yoga teacher so I went to India and did my 200h TTC in Trimurti Yoga in Dharamshala. I studied Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa. Right after I worked for them as an intern in their school in Goa.

Since then I offer Yoga classes wherever I go. I have offered workshops in many studios in many countries as well as different festivals and retreats like Austin Gay Naked Yoga in Texas, the USA or Queer Spirit Festival in London.

The style I love the most, and so my favourite to teach, is Yin Yoga. Yin uses the meridians from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. We hold the poses from 3 to 5 minutes to go deeper in the connective tissues through the relaxation of the muscles. One of my favourite things of Yin is the emotional benefits that this practice has. Each meridian is associated to two different emotions depending on how healthy that meridian is. For example when we work in the liver meridian we can feel anger if we need to clean something on it or kindness once is it´s natural state.

Would you like to try??

Yoga for Kids

I´m also a certified Yoga Teacher for Kids. I did the Kidding Around Yoga training and a couple of other trainings to teach yoga to my students in schools.

The benefits of yoga for kids are endless and it´s always fun to do it with them. They enjoy, get relaxed and understand how to respect their bodies and other´s.